Working hard or hardly working...

I can promise it's the first! haha! I have been spending hours a day doing a ton of offline work to get prepared for the near year! I am very excited for 2018! I have a ton of plans and goals to reach! I can't wait to keep working my ass off to make these goals happen!! :D 

2018 goals:
BUY. A. HOUSE. This is my most important goal. I am finally ready to buy a house. I want to hang photos, paint, punch holes in my walls (not really...but it's the principal of the matter!) if I want to! I've not had a steady home since I moved out of my parents home. I've almost always left when my lease was up and I am ready to not do that anymore!

Finish Top 250 every month on MFC. This will take a lot of work and perseverance on my part. I will push myself to make fun plans to help reach this goal! :D

Finish top 100 on ManyVids at least once! I never have finished higher than top 100 and I really want to make this a reality!!! :D

Finish top 50 on IWantClips! I would shoot for top 100 BUT they don't rank until 50 sooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Make 100 new videos - This was also my goal in 2017 and I destroyed it. I think I almost doubled it! :D

Work with new ladies in NEW cities! I would like to travel to at least 3 new places :)

Reach fitness goals - I don't have those set exactly... I would like to be able to do a pullup and I would like to press double my weight!

That's all I've got for now... I hope you all can enjoy this journey with me! 2018 is gonna be a blast!!!! :D

xo Abbey