The times are a-changing!

You have to read that in Bob Dylan's voice.. Or else... Ha! 
Anyway! A lot of new things happening! I am really excited! 2018 will see a bunch of new changes as well as some lofty goals (Buying a house......omg)! Expect to see a lot of me! I will be trying new venues and avenues! I am keep a lot of them to myself right now, but I will slowly be unveiling things as I choose ;) hehe!
So for, the things I am willing to share:
1. Revamping the band memberships
2. Adding a club for Radar with some really unique prizes!
3. Erotic writing that may or may not end up on patreon (still figuring that one out..)
Furthermore, there will be an increase in new video content and I have a fun plan with snapchat going. Also my new twitter! Make sure that you are following that @AbbeyRhodeLive (name may be changed in the future because I am not sure if I love that one yet...). Finally, as you can see, my new site! There is ONE MORE thing that I am not telling anyone... just yet ;) 
I am thrilled. What can I say? :D