Oh man!

So as my last blog post discussed.. the first story is complete but I am SO anxious to release it!!! >.< I will do my best to get the courage to release it soon... I'm going to record myself reading it. EEP! Extra scary!
It's a new year! I hope it brings everyone good things! I know that I have good things to come! I am working hard to reach my goals :) My  main goal this year is to BUY A HOUSE... OMG how scary! I have started the first few steps and I am anxiously waiting the continue. It's such a new and scary experience! 
Glad to have all the love and support behind me that I do! Thank you so much! 


First Story is COMPLETE!

I have finished my first erotic story! I am looking forward to recording an audio verion and shooting a fun photo set to go with it! Due to Patreon's new fees however, I do not think that I will be making this available on Patreon. Instead, I will have it as a tip option on MFCShare/MFC and Manyvids. I'm really looking forward to launching my writing! :D


ETA - I wanted to state that I don't know if I am completely throwing out Patreon just yet. Everyone seems pretty apprehensive about them right now, so I too am being cautious!

Working hard or hardly working...

I can promise it's the first! haha! I have been spending hours a day doing a ton of offline work to get prepared for the near year! I am very excited for 2018! I have a ton of plans and goals to reach! I can't wait to keep working my ass off to make these goals happen!! :D 

2018 goals:
BUY. A. HOUSE. This is my most important goal. I am finally ready to buy a house. I want to hang photos, paint, punch holes in my walls (not really...but it's the principal of the matter!) if I want to! I've not had a steady home since I moved out of my parents home. I've almost always left when my lease was up and I am ready to not do that anymore!

Finish Top 250 every month on MFC. This will take a lot of work and perseverance on my part. I will push myself to make fun plans to help reach this goal! :D

Finish top 100 on ManyVids at least once! I never have finished higher than top 100 and I really want to make this a reality!!! :D

Finish top 50 on IWantClips! I would shoot for top 100 BUT they don't rank until 50 sooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Make 100 new videos - This was also my goal in 2017 and I destroyed it. I think I almost doubled it! :D

Work with new ladies in NEW cities! I would like to travel to at least 3 new places :)

Reach fitness goals - I don't have those set exactly... I would like to be able to do a pullup and I would like to press double my weight!

That's all I've got for now... I hope you all can enjoy this journey with me! 2018 is gonna be a blast!!!! :D

xo Abbey

The times are a-changing!

You have to read that in Bob Dylan's voice.. Or else... Ha! 
Anyway! A lot of new things happening! I am really excited! 2018 will see a bunch of new changes as well as some lofty goals (Buying a house......omg)! Expect to see a lot of me! I will be trying new venues and avenues! I am keep a lot of them to myself right now, but I will slowly be unveiling things as I choose ;) hehe!
So for, the things I am willing to share:
1. Revamping the band memberships
2. Adding a club for Radar with some really unique prizes!
3. Erotic writing that may or may not end up on patreon (still figuring that one out..)
Furthermore, there will be an increase in new video content and I have a fun plan with snapchat going. Also my new twitter! Make sure that you are following that @AbbeyRhodeLive (name may be changed in the future because I am not sure if I love that one yet...). Finally, as you can see, my new site! There is ONE MORE thing that I am not telling anyone... just yet ;) 
I am thrilled. What can I say? :D

New site!

I am so excited to have this new site up and running! This will now be the home of Abbey! Here you will find blog posts, obviously, that I will update as frequently as I can! There will be daily happenings, as well as some ads for you guys so you can all stay in the know! This will be the best place to find info on me and things that I am working on! I am truly so excited! :D
Also, this will be a "hub" if you will. From here, you will be able to find all my video pages, my cam feed and profile, my Patreon, and my snapchat and other social media! This is a one stop shop! Eventually, I would also like to have a shop on here that you can buy fun goodies! 
I can't wait to see what awesomeness this website has in store! :D